1.5L Large Capacity Portable Electric Juicer Blender Smoothie Blender Fruit Food Juicer Rechargeable Outdoor Sports Water Bottle

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Before using the product for the first time, please ensure that the batteries are in a full state before use and thoroughly

clean the parts that come into contact with the ingredients.

The product is equipped with a double safety switch and will only work once the cup is fixed to the base.

Safety precautions

1,Before using this product, please read the content of the product manual in detail.

2,After use, please clean the machine well and place it properly.

3,This product can only be used continuously for 30 seconds and must be fully Cool down.

4,The body can be wiped with a damp cloth and the glass body can be cleaned with a brush, but do not immerse the body in water or other liquids or rinse it.

5. This product is for home and office use only, not for commercial use, to avoid rapid damage to the product.

6. This product has an idling time of 5 seconds and a maximum juicing time of 30 seconds.

7.Do not wash any part of the product in a dishwasher or other type of cleaning equipment, the blender is only to be used on the base provided.

8. This product is a professional fresh school juicer, grinder and grind other nuts.

9. This product should be stored out of the reach of children and should never be allowed to be used by physically Do not allow people who are physically or mentally impaired or lack the relevant experience and knowledge to use or play with this product. (including children) to use or play with the product.

10. Ensure that the product is disconnected from the power switch before moving the base, before opening the lid, when unoccupied, when removing or replacing the blades and before cleaning to ensure that the blades stop functioning.

11,As the blades are relatively sharp, please be careful when cleaning the blades after dismantling the cup to avoid being cut by the blades.

12,The battery of the machine is built-in and cannot be removed directly. Please turn the power off before disposing of the machine and take it to a designated repair or recycling point for professional handling and battery recycling.



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