Electric Oral Irrigator

High frequency pulse water flow / unique voltage stabilization system / four-block mode / 200ml large capacity water tank



Conservative Dental Treatment

Eating habits; excessive consumption of acidic and sugar-rich foods

• Brushing habit; teeth should be brushed 2-3 times a day to prevent tooth decay. Especially brushing before going to bed at night is very important because food residues left in the mouth at night increase the formation of acidic environment and therefore the formation of caries.

• Sorting of teeth; If the sorting of teeth is more frequent than it should be (if there is a cross), decaying of the teeth becomes easier due to the inability of a brush or floss to enter between the teeth and the inability to clean these areas.

• Saliva structure; saliva is an oral fluid that washes the teeth and protects the teeth from decay due to the substances in its chemical structure. In some systemic diseases, such as diabetes mellitus (diabetes mellitus), and in people with night oral breathing, saliva decreases. Caries formation may increase in teeth that lack the scrubbing property of saliva.

Tooth decays can occur on the chewing surface of the tooth, on the interfaces of the teeth that come into contact with each other, or in the neck areas of the teeth. Brownish or hollows that form on surfaces that are visible to the eye are easy to detect. But X-ray diagnosis is also necessary for bruises that have not formed these symptoms.

Caries that begins in the enamel tissue of the tooth progresses to the dentin tissue when it is not treated. Dentin is a structure that dissolves more easily than enamel, and therefore the progression of caries is rapid. In a bruise that has reached the dentin tissue, the patient may have hot, cold, sour, sweet sensitivity that occurs as a result of a factor. This pain passes when the causative agent disappears.


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