Photo Printer, Clear Image Sliding Open Cover Mini Printer for Office

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1. High Accuracy Print Head: Clear image, ink free printing, fast printing, efficient learning, easy entertainment, longer service life.
2. Micro USB Charging Interface: Fast charging, convenient and convenient, 1200mAh large capacity battery.
3. Exquisite and Fashionable: Pocket size and cute design, with matte, polished and other craftsmanship, feel comfortable and easy to use.
4. Applicability: You can print class schedules, memos, class schedules, daily plans, habit formation, shopping lists, handbooks, notes, fridge magnets, etc.
5. Sliding Open Cover: Gently push back to open, and the integrated paper compartment takes paper and replaces paper, which is easy and simple to complete.

Item Type: Mini Printer
Material: ABS
Battery Type: Lithium Battery (Shipped With Built in Battery)
Battery Model: 18650
Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
Thermal Paper Size: Approx.57 x 25mm / 2.2 x 1in
Connection Method: Connection
Charging Interface: MICRO USB
Working Power Supply: DC5V 1A
Printing Type: Thermal Printing
Languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian
Product Size: Approx.8.1 x 8.1cm / 3.2 x 3.2in

How to Use:
Paper replacement tutorial:1. Remove the old paper roll and insert a new paper roll. The paper should be straight and not crooked. (Note: The new thermal paper needs to be exposed to a length of 2 cm of the paper tube, so that the machine can automatically absorb the paper when the paper tube is formed)2. Cover the paper tube, after normal use, the machine can automatically suck the paper.3. After the above steps are correct, the machine can print normally.Using the wizard:1. Please charge the battery for the first time, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn it on.2. Search on APP: Fun print, install the APP and use it.3. After enabling , in the My Device tab, use the app downloaded from your phone to connect to the printer.


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