Tooth Whitening Toothpaste 50ml Color Corrector Advanced Stain Removing Toothpastes For Adults Oral Clean Teeth Whiten Mouth



1. Perfect formula: This toothpaste tastes fresh, feels great to use, provides good substances to protect your gum health, reduces dirt and provides a refreshing taste.
2. Clean Teeth: Cleans teeth and gums, removes surface stains, and makes your smile brighter. It’s also easy to use just by brushing as usual.
3. Fresh Mint: Use it to impart a refreshing menthol flavor to freshen your breath. Menthol also has cleaning properties that keep teeth and gums strong.
4. Purple is the opposite of yellow: Brighten your teeth with tooth color correction techniques. On the color wheel, purple is the opposite of yellow, and therefore the complementary color of yellow, so apply a water-soluble purple dye to your teeth to remove the yellow undertones.
5. Take care of your teeth: Teeth are a good helper in your life, please take good care of them, and insist on brushing your teeth and mouth every day to ensure fresh breath every day and a charming smile.


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