White Shoe Cleaning Cream -260g



Shoe cleaning gel

White Shoe Cleaning Cream, 260g Shoes De-Yellowing and Whitening Stain Remover Cleansing Cream, for Casual Leather Shoe Sneakers No Need to Wash, Just Rub it Bright “Black” shoes become “white” shoes in one minute, double protection factor, no damage to shoes, gentle and clean.lazy cleansing cream for shoes. Gentle, Safe and Durable Compared with the traditional way of brushing shoes, this gentle formula won’t hurt your shoes or hands, turning “black” shoes into “white” shoes in under a minute.cleansing cream for shoes. Effective Dirt Removal Active decontamination dissolves, effectively remove dirt with anhydrous cleaning paste, and adds penetrants to penetrate deeply into the upper. Keep your shoes as clean as new! Easy to Use Just use stain remover directly on to shoes with sponge and gently wipe back and forth to remove stains


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