Portable Cell Phone Cool Heat Sink Aluminum Alloy Mobile Phone Radiator Heat Dissipation Adjustable Mini Phone Cooling Fan

11 د.إ


Product name: adjustable magnetic mobile phone radiator

Packing size: 92*82*51mm

Product weight: 138g

Main material: ABS aluminum alloy

Input voltage: 5V

Input current: 2A


1. Special for flat plate, colorful ice-sealed heat dissipation

2. Magnetic semiconductor radiator, large area refrigeration, rapid heat dissipation, maintain low temperature

3. Flat magnetic attraction, cooling peripherals, take you to explore the secret of second-level refrigeration experience

4. The cooling surface is increased and the whole radiator is tiled.

5. Gold blue fin heat conduction, multi-channel export, high thermal conductivity gold blue alloy, full contact with the air, export heat, efficient refrigeration

6. With electrostatic film, scientific cooling, not hurt the machine

Package Included:

1 * Radiator

1 * Instruction

1 * Charging line



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