Intelligent Electric Vacuum Cupping Scraping Massage Device With Heat, Magnetic

Type 1: 6-speed heating, 6-speed intensity, plug-in mode, plug-in
Type 2: 6-speed heating, 6-speed intensity, rechargeable
Type 3: 12 levels of heating, 12 levels of intensity, rechargeable, digital display Package
Included: 1 x Electric Vacuum Cupping

28 د.إ


This electric vacuum cupping scraping instrument provides Gua Sha therapy and strong suction to activate lymphatic drainage and promote blood circulation. With thermal energy and magnetic wave therapy, it relaxes nerves and relieves stress. The simple operation has button control and a panel with instructions. Ergonomic handle and multi-purpose, it can be used for cupping, massage, scraping, and weight loss. Choose from 3 types with different heating and intensity levels, whether it’s a plug-in or a rechargeable model. Features: 1. Electric Vacuum Cupping: Provides strong suction to your skin and adipose tissue to activate lymphatic drainage function, and has Gua Sha to promote blood circulation. 2. Thermal Energy And Magnetic Wave Therapy: Proliferate dermal collagen through thermal effect, relax your nerves and release stress through continuous heating. Anti-inflammatory and swelling, relieve physical fatigue and promote physical recovery. 3. Simple Operation: Quickly enter the button control, and the panel directly displays the instructions, it is convenient to monitor the working status and instant switch on and off, adjust the heating temperature or negative pressure intensity level, and setting time, which is widely suitable for the needs of different body parts for perfect comfort. 4. Easy Grip: The ergonomic handle provides a safe and energy-efficient holding comfort even after prolonged use. 5. Multipurpose: Massage body cup can be widely used in body cupping, massage, scraping, weight loss, etc., effectively helping to shape the neck, arms, legs, back, abdomen, and lower and upper limbs, etc.



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