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Ball Sack Spray (150 ml /5.28fl.oz) Intimate Mist For Men Keeping the fast-paced lives of our and our climate into consideration, a daily bathing routine using body wash or soap is not enough to offer you proper hygiene or protection! Say hello to fresh nuts with the Ball Sack Spray that comes with an easy mess free spray applicator to leave you feeling fresh and confident any time of the day. >ALCOHOL FREE MIST >EASY SPRAY APPLICATION >FRESH MANLY SCENT >MADE WITH ALOE EXTRACTS, NEEM AND CHAMOMILE SMELL INCREDIBALL >Experience all-day long comfort and protection against sweat, chafing and irritation with the alcohol-free Beard Ball sac spray. -Made with aloe extracts, neem and chamomile that keeps your skin feeling it’s best with a clean fresh scent. SOOTHING SPRAY FOR DOWN THERE >Say goodbye to powdery mess and upgrade your balls game with an easy to apple spray that quickly dries as mist to fight sweat, odour and irritation. >WITH GREAT BALLS COME RESPONSIBILITIES Formulated with active ingredients like Chamomile and Aloe extracts Oil which help in balancing the pH level of the area and prevent unpleasant odour, itchiness, inflammation and infections. Using this daily will make you feel fresh, confident and comfortable all day long, especially right before you get dirty.



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